°30g Butter
°80g Milk
°250g Flour
°1 egg
°15g Baker’s yeast
°1 C. t liquid vanilla extract
°60g Powder sugar
° pinch Salt
°1 egg white
°100g Icing sugar
* Methods 
Melt the butter in the milk and let cool. Then pour it into a bowl.
Adding vanilla, sugar, eggs, pinch salt also yeast, mix all with whisk.
Add the flour little by little, with the whisk until you obtain a soupy and not sticky dough.
Let it rest for 1h30, covering it with film at room temperature.
Degas it by pressing with your fist, and spread it on a floured work surface to 1 cm thick.
Cutting circles in dough using cookie cutter, then making hole in middle.
Place them on a well-floured surface, cover and leave to rest for another 30 minutes.
Heat some oil and fry these donuts for about 2 minutes.
Mixing egg white with the icing sugar, & glaze donuts using a brush or dip them in preparation.
Enjoy !


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