Another cake I wanted to bake for a long time. This mixture of flavors intrigued me. As a big fan of chocolate and coca cola, I was curious to see if the chemistry was going to play out in this chocolate coca-cola cake. I pulled out the recipe from a book I found on a shelf in my kitchen “Coca-Cola the 30 Cult Recipes”. Except, since I wasn’t wide awake today, I read every other line and mixed up the amounts all together, but the result was perfect! A soft cake, not dry at all and above all, not too sweet (especially because I skipped the line for powdered sugar …).


° Three eggs

° A cup of sugar

° A cup of oil

° A cup of chocolate powder any cocoa

° A glass of Coca-Cola

° Two cups of Farina

° A pinch of salt

° Two sachets of yeast

° Black chocolate, cut into small pieces, or you can use chocolate granules

° Crushed walnuts

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