Julia Childs-inspired beef bourguignon recipe with easy-to-follow instructions. Delicious chunks of beef, pearl onions, and mushrooms in a bacon-infused wine sauce. It’s amazing!

Table of Contents
Pot selection
Using the bacon in different ways
The best meat to use
Wine selection
Wine makes the stew cook faster
Thickening the sauce
Can you overcook beef bourguignon?
the mushrooms separately
Storing and freezing
What to serve with this
   – Use two types of onions
Beef Bourguignon Recipe

Beef bourguignon is a French stew made famous by Julia Child. Her love for classic techniques and wine is exquisitely displayed in this recipe. However, I made a few simple substitutions to modernize the ingredients and methods, but don’t worry. The rich flavors are not lost

The beef and bacon first cook on the stovetop to develop gorgeous colors and textures. The cooking is completed at a consistent temperature in the oven allowing the stew to braise for over an hour. This process completely changes the taste of the meat while developing a savory red wine sauce to pour generously on top.


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