If there is any edible in the world that can be accused of lust, it is fried chicken. You have to be very frigid not to take pleasure in its crunch, greasiness, and juices, and eating it too often falls squarely into the category of mortal sin. For those who want to succumb to temptation and are not afraid of burning in hell, today we bring it in a double sandwich version.

One of our sandwiches comes from some border territory between the United States and Mexico. The other, from the streets of any Indian city. But both are made in two of our favorite places in Barcelona’s Raval, Gringa and Mirch, and they are incredibly good. If you want to see how their owners, Gastón Gabrielli and Ivan Surinder prepare them, watch the video above.




For 4 sandwiches

4 pieces of boneless chicken thigh without skin

4 hamburger brioche buns


Chopped cilantro

4 slices of yellow cheddar cheese

Sliced ​​pickled gherkins

Sunflower or olive oil

For the batter

140 g plain flour

84 g cornstarch

10 grams of assorted spices (bell pepper, pepper, etc., to taste)

For the marinade

150 ml milk

30 ml lemon juice

1 egg

10 g of assorted spices (ground cloves, cinnamon, paprika, etc.)

Salt to taste

For the coleslaw

150 g red cabbage

20 ml of lime or lemon juice

a pinch of salt

For the chipotle mayonnaise

1 small can of chipotles in Adobo

1 cup of mayonnaise (approximately 240 g)

1 teaspoon of honey



Mix the flour, cornstarch and spices from the batter.

Using a manual whisk, gently integrate without beating the milk and lemon juice from the marinade. Keep cold at least 12 hours before so that the milk is cut and thickened.

Mix this cut milk with the whole egg with rods. Add the spices.

Leave the chicken pieces in the mixture at least six hours before (the ideal is 12 hours).

For the coleslaw, cut the red cabbage into fine julienne strips and mix with the lemon or lime juice and a pinch of salt.

For the mayonnaise, crush the chipotles in adobo and add the amount to taste to the mayonnaise along with the honey.

Heat the oil enough oil so that the chicken pieces can be submerged at 180-190ºC.

Cut the loaves and regenerate them on a griddle or pan with a little butter over a low heat, so that the heat reaches well inside, remains tender and does not burn.

Remove the chicken pieces from the liquid mixture, and without draining too much, coat them with the flour mixture. Without shaking them and slowly, fry them in the hot oil for about four or five minutes

While removing the bread from the pan, spread chipotle mayonnaise on the bottom of the bread and put a few slices of pickles.

Remove the chicken from the oil, salt and put it on the bread with a slice of cheddar on top (it can be melted a little earlier on a griddle or in the same pan as the bread).

Top with the red cabbage coleslaw, more sauce and cilantro. Close with the lid and serve.


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