Due to lack of time we need to prepare meals or fast food most of the time. Sometimes we can get fast food from restaurants, but not always: first to preserve our health and second to preserve our money. So, my lady, we will bring you the most delicious, fast and healthy foods that do not take much of your time. The fast life we are living in now has forced families to resort to easy ways from which we can prepare delicious chicken dishes that do not require more than half an hour to prepare them.

* ingredients

° 4 chicken thighs, diced and boned
° 100 grams of tahini
° 1 cup yogurt
° 1 medium onion, chopped
° ½ lemon
° 1 tablespoon of oil
° 1 tablespoon of parsley
° ½ 1 teaspoon salt
° ½ teaspoon black pepper
° ½ 1 teaspoon sumac

* method

In a pot over a stove, heat oil, then add onions, salt, black pepper and sumac while stirring and remove from heat.
In an external bowl, mix the rest of the ingredients together, then pour it with the chicken in a Pyrex bowl and put it in the oven until its face turns red. Take it out and serve hot.



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