To make the coolest fruit salad ever, the rich and luscious cheesecake filling is folded into delicious strawberries and mushy bananas !
* Ingredients :
° 3 strawberries cut into large slices.
° 4 bananas cut into slices.
° 1 kilo of soft cream cheese.
° 1 package of raspberries.
° 16 oz of vanilla yogurt.
° 1 basin.  Of cold whip, employ an 8-ounce size.
° 1 pack of instant pudding with cheese flavor, or you can empoy pie filling blend .
° Half a bag of small marshmallows.
° Lemon juice.
* Methods  :
Step 1:
Whisk cream cheese in high bowl with an electric mixer to creamy. In speculators, it will get complicated, but it will go on and will fall apart. Add the dry pudding mix.
Step 2:
I added the cool melted vanilla yogurt, and whisked until well blended Step 3: Then put the strawberry slices, banana slices, and lemon juice in a large bowl.
The fourth step:
I stir pieces fruit with lemon juice, after which I add fruits to cream blend .
Fifth step:
I stir marshmallows round, & add berries at end.
Enjoy !


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