No Bake Speculos Cheescake


Tart base
• 150g of crumbled Breton pucks
• 150g of crumbled speculoos
• 70g of melted butter

Cheesecake cream

• 200g of mascarpone
• 300g of Philadelphia

10cl of whole liquid cream • 2 tbsp of liquid vanilla
• 100g of icing sugar

Topping and deco

• 150g warm speculoos spread
• 3 whole speculoos
• 3 crumbled speculoos


1- Mix your cookies until you obtain a powder, melt the butter and mix everything together.

2- Line your 18 cm circle with Rhodoïd for a smoother finish, then add your preparation and line the back of the spoon.

and refrigerate for 10 min.

3- In a bowl, whip the very cold liquid cream and the icing sugar to a firm whipped cream.

4- In another bowl, relax together, the Philadelphia, mascarpone and liquid vanilla extract using a whisk.

5- Gently add the whipped cream to your cream

6- Pour the preparation on your tart base and set aside in the fridge for at least 6 hours.

7- Out of the fridge for decoration add the speculos mixer on the outlines and heat the spread slightly and add it to the center of the cheesecake to decorate with 3 cookies.


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