I tasted this dish in an Irish restaurant and finally found the recipe! This is delicious . It’s a kind of shepherd’s pie in a much better way.


* Ingredients / for 6 people


° 600 g ground beef with 10% fat

° 500 g homemade mash

° 1 large carrot

° 2 onions

° 3 branches celery

° 2 cloves garlic

° 2 tablespoons thyme and rosemary

° 1 tsp tomato paste

° 1 teaspoon ketchup

° 1 tsp flour

° 2 to 3 glasses red wine

° a little Worcestershire sauce

° butter for baking


* Preparation:



Cut the vegetables, garlic and onion into small cubes and fry them with butter.


Add the thyme and rosemary, tomato puree and ketchup, flour.


Cook the meat in a very hot pan, without stirring too much so that the juice does not evaporate.


Add the meat to the vegetables and add the red wine, half glass by half glass. Season with the Worcestershire sauce and the gravy. Put all this mixture in a baking dish and refrigerate for an hour


Take the dish out of the fridge and gently cover with the mashed potatoes. Evenly equalize then, using a knife, make regular shapes on top.

To finish

Bake for about 30-40 minutes at 200 ° C. Here it is, it’s ready! Enjoy your meal!




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