Supper💯💯 !! This hearty and filled with flavorful cabbage rolls makes the best comfort dish to enjoy either during the colder winter days or fall. Believe me, if you want to warm up your souls, there is nothing like a bowl of warm, homemade soup!


° Cabbage: 4 cups (sliced)

° Carrots: 2 (cut to rings)

° Onion: 1, large (chopped)

° Oil: 3 tsp

° Salt: ½ tsp

° Vegetable stock: 4 cups

° Turmeric: ½ tsp

° Chili: a 1/4 a little spoonful (to taste)

° Black Peper: ¼ tsp


1. In a pot over the fire, stir chopped onions in oil.

2. Next add the Cabbage and carrots on top and stir.

3. You’ll want to add broth, turmeric, black pepper, salt and chili to the mixture.

4. the mixture needs to left on a medium heat until fully cooked.

5. I prefer, a short time later, to increase the broth before removing the soup from the heat.

6. Finally, you can serve it hot .. also with joy & healing


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