This easy Blackberry Cobbler recipe is ridiculously simple to make! The crunchy oat topping comes together super fast, and is the perfect compliment to summer’s finest offering: blackberries. This time of year, I am obsessed with blackberries. I can scarcely think of a more enticing dessert way to use them, than in a blackberry cobbler. Besides the fact that it highlights their supreme juiciness and amazing sweet flavor, it is also easy as pie! Or as cobbler?

Homemade blackberry cobbler is a no-fuss way to enjoy summer’s berry bounty with minimal effort. If you’re lucky enough to have fresh blackberries, be sure to use them in this dish. Otherwise, frozen will work well, too. Serve this easy blackberry cobbler with homemade

RECIPE NOTE : Fruit crisps. Warm tangy fruit with crunchy sweet topping – great fresh from the oven with a hunk of ice cream and even better cold for breakfast. Everyone likes a crisp and they’re easy and versatile. I make them all the time. Does anything say straight-up summer like a cobbler? The one here gains complexity from a jumble of different berries and extra depth from dark brown sugar. Mixing the brown sugar with regular granulated sugar makes it easier to sprinkle on top of the biscuit topping before the cobbler goes into the oven; when it comes out, the tender, featherlight biscuits will be crowned by golden crunch.



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