My little one was blessed by God with a sweet, strong and deep-rooted year passed down to her from the father. To satisfy her cravings for sweets becomes a daunting task for me .. Breakfast, lunchbox, after lunch and dinner, the time for snacking on television must have a sweet, sugary component in it. Health issues have set my feet and have stopped making anything sweet at home except for some occasional talents that I can successfully hide from in niches and secret corners that only I knew. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I had to be creative about the hiding places for the sugary sweet things.


After a full week of finally depriving a couple of days ago, I gave in and made these Mexican, mouth-watering sugar-coated chimichangas as a sweet treat and reward for the exceptionally mature demeanor that surprised me as well. We cannot expect impeccable manners and excellent demeanor from a six-year-old girl but she sometimes starts pushing the buttons.


Before the conversation turns down a different path, I’ll come up with the recipe for those Chimichangas. My little one still couldn’t pronounce … After one day she became “pichitankas” in her memory dictionary.


Chimichanga is a burrito filled with your choice of fillings, sweet or savory, and fried to golden perfection. I had a small box of frozen apple pie filling peeking out of my freezer that I used as a filling for the flour tortilla, I folded it into a burrito and fried it shallow. The last step was to sprinkle them with cinnamon sugar powder.

*  Ingredients:

° 2 to 3 apples

° Sugar

° 1 pinch cinnamon

° butter

° 4 natural poco loco tortilla

* Preparation:

Cook apples in a tablespoon of butter and add sugar to taste. Place a quarter of the apple filling in the middle of the tortilla, close the bottom, then the top of the tortilla and finish with the sides.

Place the tortilla or chimichangas, side down, in a buttered baking dish and brush the top generously with the melted butter. Sprinkle them with sugar and a pinch of cinnamon, and cook chimichangas for 10 minutes at 200 ° C. Tip: Serve hot chimichangas with vanilla whipped cream or a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Enjoy  !


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