Steak and onion steamed pudding

Steak and onion steamed pudding 6 hours on high in the slow cooker !


500g (1lb) braising steak ,
1 medium onion diced, peeled and sliced
3 level tbsp plain flour
Salt and ground black pepper,

150ml (¼ pint) beef stock,

Dash of Worcestershire sauce.

Combine all above together apart from beef stock ..full the pastry lined basin with all the dry mix packed in tight then add stock before the pastry lid ..

For the suet pastry:

250g (8oz) self-raising flour,
125g (4oz) shredded suet,
Pinch of salt.

Bring mix together with a little water until a dough has formed
1.25-1.5 liter (2-2½ pint) pudding basin, buttered
Line basin with pastry leaving some for the lid


No need to Brown the meat … Remember to save enough pastry for a lid.
Wrap in baking paper and tin foil with a pleat to allow for rise ..
Tie on securely with string around pudding basin
Fill with a boiled kettle of water half way up the pudding in the slow cooker pop on lid ..
Do your best not to peep , have faith. 6 hours later you will have a lovely meal ..


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