slow cooker roast potatoes

Slow Cooker Roast Potatoes And Absolute game changer, not sure I will make roasties in the oven ever again!?


I used Navan potatoes ?

I parboiled potatoes for 10 minutes then steam dried. While they were cooling down slightly I added a few glugs of mild olive oil in to the slow cooker & put it on high so the oil would be hot when adding the potatoes.

I added a shake of peppers, sage, flour, onion granules & salt to the potatoes & shook them a bit. Put them into the hot oil, tossed to coat then had them on high for 4 hrs with a tea towel under the lid, turning twice in between! ?

By Ria McCllough

Slow Cooker Roast Potatoes
Slow Cooker Roast Potatoes


Question:        Hi what do you mean by steam dried them?

Answer:           just left to dry out after parboiling them by having them in a colander until they cool down a bit.

Question:        This may sound thick what do you mean by tea towel under lid I guess it’s to keep them crispy but how do you mean? How did you put it? Lol I sound so thick lol x

Answer:          you just spread the tea towel flat across the top and place the lid back on top. The tea towel then traps any condensation and the potatoes stay crispy

Question:        Do you have to keep them as a single layer? Or can you pile them up a bit?

Answer:           I would imagine they all need to touch the bottom to make them crispy, if they are top of each other they’ll likely ‘sweat’ rather than go crispy. This was my first time making them so I couldn’t say for sure!

Question:          Were they really crunchy?

Answer:             yes they were! I was so sceptical beforehand and thought they’d be rubbish lol, but we loved them!

Question:            is middle fluffy.

Answer:           yep!!

Question:          4 hours for roast potatoes  my lot would be going nuts look delicious though.

Answer:            That’s why they’re put on early freeing you up for other stuff lol, more oven space too!!

Question:          Only way I do them in slow cooker I add garlic cloves to mine.

Answer:            Good call!! throw in some rosemary and they’d be perfect!

Question:          Can I ask why you put a tea towel under the lid??

Answer:             Absorbs the condensation and keeps the potatoes dry.

Question:           what is steam dryed.

Answer:             just left to dry out and cool down a bit in a colander.

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