Ingredients :

3 garlic cloves
13 wide red chili or guajillo chile (seed them out)
4 bay leaves
4 cinnamon sticks (not whole… just pluck 4 sticks of whole cinnamon)
1 ginger a small whole piece
A pinch of what are three fingernails..peppercorns, marjoram leaves dried, and cloves.

Directions :

For meat I use chuck roast cut into chunks and put to boil. While that boils seed out the Chile guajillo then put them in a bowl add hot water and cover for about 20 minutes or when you see that the Chile has softened. Halfway through the meat boiling add all the spices and Chile into a blender also add a lil less than half of water and you can use the water left from the bowl of Chile guajillo mix well then you will strain it over with the meat. Use a spoon when straining to get all the juice out. Add one or two tomato cans and a splash of vinegar and salt to taste. Make sure there’s enough water that it covers the meat only. Let it boil so the spices really soak in with the meat until ready. You’ll know when the meat is ready cause it’ll pull apart easily with a fork. Hopefully this helps and I didn’t leave anything out!

enjoy !!


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